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Learning to Drive with a Female Driving Instructor

Are There Benefits to Learning to Drive with a Female Driving Instructor?

Some Students might be wondering are there any benefits to learning to drive with a female driving instructor? Well the simple answer is Yes and No.  Oh dear guess it’s not that simple after all.
So let me explain, firstly what would be classed as a benefit? 

  • Learning to drive quicker?
  • Passing your test faster?
  • Saving you money? 
    Then yes all this can be achieved, but it’s not just female instructors who can claim this talent. When you want to learn any new skill, most people find they learn better when they’re comfortable and relaxed.  Now this can be tricky if you’re stressing out about learning to drive, so you need to reduce the stressors where you can.Everyone has their own preference as to whether they would be prefer a male or female driving Instructor. For a range of different reasons you may not be comfortable with the idea of sitting in the car with an instructor of the opposite sex?  Luckily for you, although about 20 years ago a majority or instructors were men in more recent years there is many more female driving instructors teaching throughout the country.female Driving Instructor in MansfieldIt’s also a matter of personal preference whether you are looking for a teacher who is clam, gentle and supportive (traits generally associated with women) or one that will push you (generally considered to a male trait) the problem is that other female instructors are thoughts of as strict others a pushover.  Guess what? You can’t generalise a person’s teaching style by their gender.  Just like every student learns differently every instructor teaches in a different manner.  You can’t assess someone’s personality or teaching style from an advert on Goggle or  But you can read their reviews, see what their students have to say about them.  Ask for recommendations from friends.  Remember there will always be some people you can’t get on with and some of them might be a driving instructor.  Pick the one that works best for you.But I asked about the benefits of a female driving instructor – if your female driving instructor is a fully qualified instructor and if your female driving instructor helps you feel comfortable this will in turn help you gain more knowledge and skills, enabling you to pass your test sooner, therefore saving you money.So while we can’t state categorically whether female or male driving instructors are the best, we can recommend you find an instructor that makes you feel relaxed in their company and doesn’t get you all flustered (not a great way to take a lesson).At ‘Can Drive Driving School’ we can offer either male or female instructors throughout Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield and Kirby in Ashfield areas, give us a call on 01623 362162 to book your first lesson now






3 Responses to Learning to Drive with a Female Driving Instructor

  • Thanks for your comment about how you should learn to drive with an instructor that makes you feel at ease in the car. I like how you said that they should be skilled and educated in what they are teaching you. My daughter is wanting to get her license, so my husband and I are considering looking into driving schools for her.

  • I liked that you explained that different driving instructors have specific ways of teaching and they will all be beneficial to students in their own ways. I would imagine that it would be beneficial to a driving school to hire different instructors since every student learns differently. If I was hiring driving instructors, I would want to hire a mix of personalities to help provide our students with different learning environments.

  • I liked how you said that the driving instructor must make you feel comfortable and should be qualified. My sister wants to take her driving test soon, and she wants to find the right instructor. She will feel more comfortable with a female instructor, so I will suggest her finding one.

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