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Driving lessons in Mansfield and Sutton in Ashfield.

Monthly Archives: November 2016

Driving lessons Sutton in Ashfield

driving lessons Sutton in ashfield and a pass for Rhys skidmore Another fantastic result for Can Drive Driving lessons Sutton in Ashfield with another driving test pass. This time for Rhys Skidmore. Rhys had previously taken a test with another driving school before taking lessons in Sutton in Ashfield with our instructor Ian who helped Rhys to pass on his first attempt with Can Drive. If you require a crash course or just weekly lessons then contact us on 01623362162 so we can help you achieve all your driving goals just like we did for Rhys.

Pokémon Go : Dangers while driving

Pokémon GO - Drive with care | Can Drive Driving LessonsPokémon Go : The dangers while driving

Pokémon Go is a very popular game that encourages many people of different ages to explore the outdoors by walking. Me and my son do this together as a fun activity. However many people misuse the app (it is rather addicitive after all); they have been spotted using it while driving.

Pokémon Go attracted 6.1 million users in the UK. Along the way you catch Pokémon, which appear randomly; to catch these Pokémon you need pokeballs which you gain from poke stops.  Although it is a well-thought-out game there are many extremely dangerous scenarios which drivers may come across while playing this game while driving. 

The main reason in which this app could become a danger is while you are catching a Pokémon. For example, you have to throw a poke ball at the Pokémon, which may be moving around the screen which takes concentration to aim and successfully hit the target. This takes your attention off the road creating a dangerous scenario where you could lose control of the car and swerve into oncoming traffic or mount the kerb putting pedestrians at risk. You might also miss a pedestrian walking out into the road. All of these consequences may result in a possible serious accident.


Please be careful while playing Pokémon Go and be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you are in a car please make sure that you are not the driver and remember people’s lives are at risk.
The game is designed to get you out and walking around to catch the Pokémon, so that you are getting exercise at the same time.  So please stay safe and have fun –  play the game on foot and not in the car.

Whether you’re looking for a driving instructor in Mansfield or Sutton in Ashfield area or just looking to have fun, please use some road sense and stay safe.







Driving School in Mansfield : First Time Pass

Victoria Dunstan passing her test with Can Drive


Another First Time Pass today this time it was the turn of Victoria Dunstan. Victoria overcome test nerves to achieve her licence. Well done and thanks for choosing Can Drive driving school in Mansfield.

Driving lessons in Mansfield : First Time Pass

Jack Gibson passing his test todayWell done Jack Gibson on passing your driving test today at the first attempt. We wish you many years of safe and happy driving. All the best from everyone at Can Drive driving lessons in Mansfield and your instructor Natalie.

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