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Driving lessons in Mansfield and Sutton in Ashfield.

Monthly Archives: July 2017

Driving Schools In Mansfield

Driving schools in Mansfield

Nottingham residents have many reasons to look for reputable Driving schools in Mansfield and to take driving lessons in Mansfield. This area of Nottinghamshire is a popular choice for businesses who want close proximity to London, located 140 miles away. As a result, there are lots of corporations and jobs in Mansfield. The opportunities for work are one reason why people embark on driving lessons in Mansfield.

Driving schools in Mansfield

Sherwood Forrest

The number of attractions in Mansfield also makes learning to drive worthwhile. For instance, Hardwick Hall which is an architecturally significant Elizabethan country house in England, and Sherwood Forest the home of Robin Hood the heroic outlaw in English folklore who, according to legend, was a highly skilled archer and swordsman. 

Driving schools in Mansfield – One Hour or Two?

Do you know that on average, pupils who pass their driving test in Mansfield, Nottingham have had on average 45-50 hours of driving lessons with a local Manfield Driving Instructor or Driving school in Mansfield combined with a further 20-25 hours of private tuition from friends and family?

With the average cost of driving lessons reaching £26 per hour, the average learner is looking at well over £1,200 to pass their driving test in Mansfield. If the cost of lessons and private tuition wasn’t enough, potential pupils will also have to pay for a Theory and Hazard Perception Test at the cost of £32 and then have to pay out another £70 during the week or £75 at the weekends to sit the practical test before getting that all important licence. Fair to say that learning to drive in today’s world is NOT cheap!

So How Can You Find Cost Effective Driving Schools In Mansfield?

Simply book a 2-hour lesson instead of one hour with the best Driving school in Mansfield, with Can drive and take as many driving lessons as possible.
Pupils who take two-hour lessons are more likely to pass their test in less than half the time of those only taking one-hour tuition each week.

Why do so many driving schools in Mansfield believe that taking a two-hour driving lesson will make such a difference and get them to test standard quicker?

First of all, by taking a two-hour driving lesson your Driving Instructor in Mansfield can take you on longer routes including the test routes without having to cram in as much as possible, teaching you how to read signs and the road and not just learn what to do in your local area. You will also learn to drive independently after a while and in addition, build more confidence and driving skills quicker by being out of your comfort zone in areas that are completely new to you.

Driving Schools In Mansfield

Driving Schools In Mansfield

Take Lessons Close Together

Taking lessons close together will help build your long term memory of new and difficult subjects. It stands to reason that the more often and more frequently you practice a subject, the more likely you are to remember how to do it if there haven’t been long periods away from your driving lessons.

There is much more to driving lessons than just driving around until you “get the hang of it.” Not only do you need a sound knowledge of all the driving rules, there are many aspects of driving that many drivers who learned from their parents or other experienced drivers never learn. What you learn at the very beginning will stick with you forever. When you choose the right driving school in Mansfield, such as Can drive you can rest assure that you are in safe hands and ultimately pass your test and be a safe driver for life.

Overall taking longer driving lessons more frequently may be a large cost initially, but in the long run, you will get to test standard and pass your driving test quickly and therefore have saved yourself a small fortune.

Save your time and your money – book two-hour lessons!

Probably the most common approach to weighing up the total cost of a driver’s licence is to conduct a few enquiries with a range of driving schools in Mansfield find the price of single lessons with each of those schools, and then opt for the driving school which provides the lowest priced tuition based on the price of their lessons.

That’s what the average pupil will do. On a basic level, this would seem to be a sound strategy. We normally conduct driving lessons in Mansfield over a weekly time frame, so the custom is to appraise this cost as being a weekly charge and assume the number of lessons required would be about the same with any provider. Although that would be a mistake.

Will Cheap Driving Lessons in Mansfield Be Worse Than the Expensive Ones?

Driving schools in Mansfield

Driving schools in Mansfield

You really don’t know, all you can do is check out the school and read their reviews before choosing the right driving school in Mansfield for you. You will most likely be able to find cheap driving lessons in Mansfield and the surrounding areas. Just be sure you check there reputation, the cars and the driving instructor before committing to taking lessons with them.

Driving schools in Mansfield and across the United Kingdom have to be insured against any accidents or damage that may occur. The instructors, cars, and students should be covered completely. Be sure to ask these questions and look at the cars. If possible, meet and talk to the instructor before signing any papers.

One of the ways that you can find cheap driving lessons in Mansfield and cost effective driving schools in Mansfield is to practice the theory test online. Then all you need to do is concentrate on driving itself.
Many places offer this now to reduce the cost.

You might be able to find cheap driving lessons from someone you know who does lessons on the side. Not a good idea as they have to pass the driving instructor training course and hold a green ADI badge.

If you are looking for driving schools in Mansfield, let Can Drive be your first and only choice.



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