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Driving Test – Tips

How to calm your nerves before your driving test

I guess if you’re reading this you’ve got a big test or more specifically your driving exam coming up. And  I guess you’re looking for some tips on how to calm your nerves before your driving test? Am I right?

To be honest everyone feels them, the just effect different people in different ways. A bit of nervous energy may help you to be more focused for the test. But others may become so upset the can’t concentrate,

Practical Tips to calm your nerves before your driving test

Booking your test
Book when You are ready. Don’t book until you / your instructor says you’re ready – A lot of people pass their test purely because they weren’t ready.

Get the time right.
Book the right time for your driving test
Don’t Schedule your test at a period when other stressful events are likely for example in the middle of preparing for a wedding or during exams and not while stressing about moving home. Think about the time of day you request, you may prefer the test first thing in the morning. This would mean you can get it over with and not spend all day worrying about it. Alternatively you might decide later in the day you feel more awake and focused.


Before Your Driving Test

Get plenty of practice in.
with instructor or another adult on average it takes 30-40hrs of professional driving tuition and as much practice in between as you can manage.
Don’t listen to ‘other peoples stories’. Everyone will be there to tell you their story of how they passed or “Failed” their tests. But at the end of the day you are not them! Just believe in yourself and concentrate on doing the best you can do.

Keep it a secret
we know you’re excited about it, but if everyone knows there’s a more pressure for you to pass – however you can tell a few key people, so you’ve got some support and they can even be called upon to help with asking questions or taking you out for extra practice maybe.

Do a Mock exam
A mock driving test with your instructor allows you both the chance to identify any areas of your driving that need improvement before your real test.

Sleep well 
Get a good night sleep before your driving testtry and get a good night sleep before the test.


On the day of the driving test

Eat a banana to help calm your nerves before your driving testDon’t skip meals
to help fuel your brain. Some instructors and learners also recommend eating a banana as a snack before your test. Bananas are full of Vitamin B to help with calm your test nerves.


Arrive Early
about 15mins before is fine. This way you’re not panicked about being late and you’re not sitting around too long before the test either.

take a couple of deep breaths before you start to calm you down and prepare yourself mentally.

Alternative Ideas

hypnosis involves telling your subconscious how you want it to be. So if you want to be clam focused and in control then this is the message you give your self. There are many hypnotherapists you can work with in person or countless CD’s / MP3 on the web for you to use yourself at home. Remember everyone is different – so this may not suit everyone. Check reviews and see what other people have to say about the hypnotherapist or the CD.

the art of meditation should help you to relax your body to help you overcome any anxiety and feel in complete control on the day of your test.

Bach Rescue remedy
Rescue Remedy to calm your nervers before your driving testrescue remedy is actually a mixture of 5 different Bach remedy. It now comes in a variety of different formats including dropper, lozenges, rubs and sprays. The remedies are taken from flower essences and are designed to comfort and reassure. Helping you to be able to cope with additional stress.
Here it is on Amazon but it’s available in other online retails as well as on the high street.


a lot of top sports people will visualise, the race, the shot, the game, in their heads before they start. This is another way of telling your subconscious that this is the outcome you desire. Once you brain is on board and knows what it’s doing, your body will follow. It works the same for anything we do including passing your driving test.

However you calm your nerves before your driving test, believe in yourself and stay calm.

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Pass Your Driving Test First Time

You can Pass your driving test first time, and it’s easier than you might think.

How long have you been waiting to get behind a wheel?
We know exactly how you feel, waiting for the bus in the rain or having to keep asking your parents or friends to give you a lift and it can sometimes feel a million years away before you will have your own licence, but what if we told you today you can change all that by contacting Can Drive Driving School.
We already know a few things about you which is going to help us to help you to pass your driving test. We know you would like to pass your driving test first time and not just for the achievement or bragging rights to your friends, but also to save a bit of money doing so.

We estimate that it costs around £200 for every time you fail your driving test.

Driving Test PAsses with Can Drive Drving School in Mansfield and Sutton in AshfieldSo how can  you pass your driving test first time? Well it’s all in the planning, but don’t worry as your Instructor is going to take care of that part for you.
What you are going to do, is take our learning to drive syllabus which is also known as a progress report. The report charts your driving development and lets you see what you are good at and what needs improvement. For example when you try a new skill, let’s say a bay park we will mark it off on the syllabus as introduced. When you are capable of doing the bay park without the need of your instructor you are marked off as independent.

Building your confidence is a key components to passing your driving test first time as well as your preparation.  This is also important and not just for passing your test, but also for safe driving.
Once you have covered the syllabus, we then book your driving test and take you on a few mock tests. This is so that we can test you under test conditions and is your opportunity to drive independently and grow your confidence.
By fully preparing you under mock test conditions you will start to understand what the driving examiner is looking for.  Never fear, the instructors at Can Drive Driving School can teach you exactly that. So let’s get started now and you will see that it all makes sense.

On The Day of The Test

On the day of your driving test your instructor will pick you up 1 hr before your test to give you a little time to get into your driving groove and help you to relax. You will arrive at the test centre 10 minutes before your test so that you can go to the toilet and go over any last minute questions.

The examiner will come out and say your name and get you to sign a declaration. You will also need to read a number plate from 20.5 metres and the test will last around 40 minutes. You will be asked to carry out one reversing exercise, 15 minutes of independent driving and possibly the emergency stop.  While you drive the examiner will be looking for errors in your driving.
Your examiner is looking for you to be a safe and responsible driver and in complete control of the car at all times and finally aware of your surroundings.

Learn to drive and pass with Can Drive Driving School It’s quite simple really you are allowed to make little mistakes as we are human after all.  So if you do make a mistake then correct it safely. So let’s go back to bay parking again if you get it slightly wrong because you’re over the line and misjudged your turning point as long as you are safe, in control and aware of your surroundings when you correct your mistake you will still pass.

What Not To Do

However if the examiner decides you are not aware of your surroundings or cannot rectify your mistake safely by being in control this is where people fail. But because we will cover our syllabus you will be 100% prepared so this shouldn’t happen. You will know how to drive and have the confidence to correct it safely if and when required.

In conclusion to pass your driving test first time – trust your instructor. We watch you through your lessons, we know what you can do and can’t do. We will put you forward when you’re ready.
Don’t get yourself worked up and think things through logically. And together we will get you through your test.

So what now? Here’s a few ideas
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3) Contact us at Can Drive Driving School, we cover Sutton in Ashfield, Mansfield and the surrounding areas.
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